Sunday, April 22, 2007

B is for

B is for brunch! This morning Travis and I took my brother J Cakes to the fabulous Little American hotel for their delicious brunch. I love the whole idea of brunch, I think I could survive on brunch for my only meal every day for the rest of my life. I don't do Sunday brunch very often but when I do, it surpasses my expectations. I would like to make it a weekly ritual but I never do. Maybe there will be a weekly Sunday brunch in my future.
Little America in my opinion takes the cake on brunches. Their omelets are to dye for, and their crepes are so sweet, they have every pastry imaginable and even more fruit, but my favorite today was the pasta bar. I have been to Little America numerous times but I haven't ever seen a pasta bar. You can choose from penne, shells or fettuccine, veggies, and chicken. After you choose what ingredients you want they cook it in a frying pan and add either butter, Alfredo sauce or marinara sauce. Mmm so delicious! It just melted in my mouth. Thanks Little America!

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