Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A happy flat tire

I was getting ready to leave work today, I got in my car, put my seat belt on and started backing up. Something felt weird, like I was running over something. I got out of the car to check it out only to find I had a flat tire! I HATE flat tires! Especially after the scary blow out I had on the freeway awhile back (thanks for saving me Spencer and Amanda)
I called my Travis to let him know he was going to have to fix it, and that I was going to walk home. Being the cute husband he is, he asked if I could get a ride with someone (he was still at work) No everyone left already. He was so concerned about me walking home from work, like I was going to get kidnapped or raped. I had to remind him that we live close, about 3 blocks away. When did he get so protective?
I just have to say I am so grateful that I got that flat tire while I was at work and not while I was driving. I am soooo scared of blowouts and car accidents! I never thought I would be so happy about a flat tire.

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  1. I'm SO glad you didn't have another blow out! that was too scary. boo on flat tires. did you know i have changed my own flat. yeah i know i am pretty impressive. i can jump a car with a chisel too. all the fun things you learn when you drive a lemon!


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