Sunday, May 20, 2007

Y is for

is for Yo MTV Raps!
Yo MTV Raps was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. I loved MTV! I couldn't get enough of Ed Lover! But then again who couldn't?
Check out this video of Yo MTV Raps freestyle.

I use to love MTV, back when they actually played music and only had a few shows that weren't just music. I loved Remote Control. I wanted to be Marisol. My brother use to get our video camera and film our own version of Remote Control, I always got to be Marisol. Remember Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn back then? Too funny!

All of this makes me realize how old I am getting. The kids that watch MTV now probably have no idea what it was like before The Real World. They probably haven't even heard of Down Town Julie Brown.

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  1. we had the nintendo game of remote control and i LOVED it. we should see if my parents still have it and play it. watch out though cuz i am REALLY good at it.


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