Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Fun

I am sad to say I wont be in town for this years art festival. The art festival runs from June 21-24 at Library Square. The festival has good food, music, fun activities for kids and of course art! Tickets are $8.00 for an adult but if you go between noon and 3pm on Thursday or Friday you can get in for $5.00
I haven't been to the Alpine Slide in years but I am definitely going to ride it this year! The Alpine Slide is over 3,000 feet long and is fun fun fun!
Every year for Christmas my dad gives my family gift certificates for concretes at Nielsen's Frozen Custard. I don't think I have EVER saved one of my gift certificates until summer, they are usually long gone before then. One of my favorite treats is to go to Nielsens on a warm summer night and get a vanilla concrete ( I know I am plain but why mess with perfection? the ice cream not me) it doesn't get much better than that.
Go ride the historic Heber valley. Choose from one of the many excursions, here is a list of them. Check out the history here.


  1. Love Nielsons! Their fresh carmel cashew is great!

  2. Julie I totaly agree with you on the carmel cashew!!! Deeds I want to go with you to the Alpine Slide, lets take Sydney. I have never been. FUN...Fun...FUN!!!!!


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