Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Fun

The 4th of July is just around the corner. You probably haven't even thought about what you are going to do to celebrate. No worries I will tell you what to do. Head on over to Evergreen Park (2200 East Evergreen Ave) there is a whole day of fun. Start out with a little breakfast, then watch the parade ( or be in the parade), go to the carnival ( its more of a children's carnival) and then sit back and listen to some music on the lawn.
Summer= shaved ice!
When I was a kid it was all about Rainbow Snow or Snow shack, now its all about the local home made shaved ice stands. My niece's favorite one is Ice Age, I don't think they they give enough flavor. The key to flavor is to add the flavor as you make the shaved ice. Layer in the cup ice, flavor, ice flavor, etc... One of my pet peeves is when you get down to the bottom of your shaved ice and all there really is left is ice......wheres my bubble gum flavor?
I like Snowie, Bob's Brian Freeze or Snoasis. Snowie is great because they are a big company run out of Utah and you can buy your own flavors if you want. My favorite flavors are: blue bubblegum, pink bubble gum, cotton candy and tiger's blood.

Shooting the Tube is a Salt Lake City tradition! If you live in Salt Lake and you don't know what it means to shoot the tube I am truly sorry for you!

Grab a group of friends and head down to the Franklin Covey Field to see the Salt Lake Bees.
Here is the schedule. Don't forget to grab some peanuts at the snack booth, whats baseball with out peanuts?

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