Tuesday, July 31, 2007

10 Reasons

10 reasons I love my condo

1. I bought it all by myself when I was 23 years old
2. Its located in East Millcreek
3. It has decent closet space
4. I don't have to do yard work
5. It has a fun little fireplace (even though I rarely use it)
6. My half bath is painted red
7. My condo fee covers my gas bill
8. My bedroom has a little balcony that overlooks the courtyard
9. Mandy and Phil are our neighbors
10. I am not paying rent

10 reasons I hate my condo

1. Pam Greene (she is an evil, pathetic, crusty, out spoken, old maid. I could go on but I won't)
2. I only have room for 1 car in my carport
3. The nosey old ladies who live here
4. Pam Greene
5. Its not a house
6. The original builders were retarded
7. My walls are painted in an eggshell finish. I want to re paint soon!
8. Pam Greene
9. The condo association sends out newsletters saying things like "children are not allowed on the grounds unless accompanied by an adult" yeah thanks Pam, this is not a retirement community, children LIVE here.
10. Pam Greene


  1. Sounds like you had a fun Pam Day!! By the wat it took 9 coats of paint to get that half bath red! THANKS!!!

  2. thats because i made you redo it because you didnt patch the holes first

  3. What about Pam Greene? I'm not sure you mentioned her!

  4. I just found your blog and I don't know if it allowed by the condo association... :)

  5. Deeds...find a way to get you/Travis and Mandy/Phil elected to the Condo Association. I'm sure they have meetings regularly and should post when they have elections. You could start running the show and make life hell for Pam!

  6. so you get mad at me for not posting but yet you dont...


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