Sunday, July 1, 2007

I am back

Here are a few pictures from my Newport Beach trip.

The kids waking up Travis

Bella Cakes

Grace loving the water

Waiting outside the Angels game

Zack and the "taco girl"

Me and Travee ant the Angles game

Trav napping


Grace playing in the sand

Our neighbors car

Brent's fu manchu. All the boys grew a mustache at some point during the trip

Zack getting tired

Cute Leah

Zack getting buried

Leah's version of the beach

Me and Whit playing with the camera

Susie and Leah

Digging with Ella, Bella and Zack

Zackie boy

Ella following Bella into the bathroom AGAIN

Jim, Leah, Ella, Grace

The girls

Grace following baby Leah

Ella and her pink shovel

The Jr. life guards doing their thing
Zack and Whitney and their surfing
Brent and Travis


  1. Holy Stinkin Cow. Looks like you had a great time. We're just sitting here looking at the photos and Gabe is realllly bummed. But we love seeing all of them.

    Thank, Dunkie!


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