Sunday, July 1, 2007

I have been Tagged

OK so Amanda tagged me last week. Here are the answers in no particular order.

7 things I plan to do before I die
1} Buy a (brand new) custom home built by my dad
2} Take Traver to Italy
3} Buy a ski boat
4} Have kids
5} Win the lottery
6} see Les Miserables
7} Travel

7 things I can do
1} eat a whole pizza by myself ( I haven’t done that for a while)
2} play solitaire for hours
3} make yummy German oven pancakes
4} sew
5} play a mean game of speed or California Speed
6} plan
7} order take out

7 things I cannot do
1} wink
2} eat fruit
3} ignore noisy rude people on airplanes
4} sing on key
5} drive clutch
6} snow ski
7} drive on the free way with out getting nervous

7 Things That Attract me to the Opposite (or same) Sex:
1}Good looks
2}Good looks
3}Good looks
4}Good looks
5}Good looks
6}Good looks
7}Good looks
Oh is that not what you meant?

7 things I say all the time
1} Serious
2} um
3} You wish you were me
4} Travis will you do me a favor ( this usually means do something for me because I don’t want to get off my lazy butt)
5} whatever
6} what? (Yeah I don’t pay attention)
7}Sike ( this started out as a joke and now I cant stop saying it)

7 celebrity crushes
1} Pharrell
2} Mos Def
3} Channing Tatum
4} Shaquille O’Neal
5} Travis
6} Marissa Miller ( no I’m not a lesbian)
7} I cant think

7 people I want to do this
5} Maclaine
6} Justin
7} you


  1. Ok Dee Dee - I totally want to do it. I love things like this :)

  2. Where am I supposed to do it? Nobody reads my blog, including you, so it would be worthless.

  3. 7 things I plan to do before I die
    1} Enjoy my source on income.
    2} Dunk a basketball (10 ft. w/ NBA regulation ball).
    3} Start and finish a project.
    4} Have a family.
    5} Own an English Bulldog.
    6} Hit a Home Run (300+ ft. w/ a softball).
    7} Roll 400+ points while playing Skee ball.

    7 things I can do
    1} Whistle 5 different ways .
    2} Fall asleep ANYWHERE.
    3} Barrel roll.
    4} Enjoy doing absolutely nothing.
    5} Heckle louder than anyone at baseball games.
    6} Own 30+ pairs of Sauconys and still want more.
    7} Put together LEGOs with amazing speed and precision

    7 things I cannot do
    1} Focus.
    2} Read a book (yes, I can read).
    3} Sit still.
    4} Accept spiders or heights as my friends.
    5} School.
    6} Apply sunscreen to my back.
    7} Grow a Fu Man Chu.

    7 Things That Attract me to the Opposite Sex:
    2}Blue eyes.
    5}Showing affection towards me.
    7}Anything Dianna does.

    7 things I say all the time
    1} “I already knew that.”
    2} “What?”
    3} “_____ is an idiot.”
    4} “Grow up.”
    5} “Seriously.”
    6} “Later.”
    7} “We’ll see.”

    7 celebrity crushes
    1} Brad Pitt
    2} Jessica Alba
    3} Gina Gershon
    4} Olivia Wilde
    5} Danielle Fishel (Topanga)
    6} Dagmara Dominczyk
    7} Bridget Moynahan

    7 people I want to do this
    1} I don’t really care who does it. I just want everyone to read what I wrote.

  4. I loved reading this one. Ignoring noisy, rude people on airplanes made me laugh and remind of a little girl spitting on someone at the grocery store. Also T-retainers? But you do a pretty good barrell roll.


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