Thursday, July 5, 2007

Summer Fun

Take a break from the city and make a trip to Flaming Gorge. Flaming Gorge is one of my absolute favorite places! There is so much to do there; swimming, hiking ( here are some trails), camping, boating, fishing, river rafting, cliff jumping ( just don't let anyone catch you), horse back riding, four wheeling, etc...
Camp or stay indoors, just as long as you make it to Flaming Gorge!
You can find more information here, here or here.
Summer is not summer with out fireworks.
Make sure to stop in Evanston Wyoming on your way to Flaming Gorge to pick up some fireworks. I know Independence day just passed but Pioneer day is around the corner. Porters is the place to get your fireworks. Check them out here.

Cool off this summer with a delicious lime rickey. Make your own or stop by Shivers. For those of you who don't know what a lime rickey is, its basically sprite, limes and grape syrup. I tried to find a recipe for lime rickeys, but I couldn't find the Utahn lime rickey.
Sleep under the stars! Check out this website to get more information on constellations


  1. Lime rickeys from Shivers are my favorite! They have pellet ice, which is essential for a good LR!

  2. The kids and I have been going to Arctic Circle every friday for Lime Rickeys (and a Cherry Rickey for Tillie) since Shivers is a bit far for us now. They are still pretty good at Arctic Circle


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