Friday, July 27, 2007

What's In My Bag

I like the "whats in my bag" post, It has been on few blogs that I read and I wanted to play too. Here is my Seat belt bag and everything inside it.

  • Lined note book. I always have some sort of lined notebook with me. I am a list girl

  • Green highlighter. I use highlighters to cross off completed tasks on my lists
  • Pilot rolling ball pens, they are my favorite pen right now

  • Flash drive. I keep this with me so I wont forget to take it to work ( I back up the system weekly)

  • Blackberry. I love being able to get my email wherever I am

  • Coach case aka my camera case

  • Orbit gum. The flavor changes weekly

  • Watermelon lip smackers chapstick

  • Black and pink glasses (Trav picked them out for me) I don't wear them as much as I should

  • Louis Vuitton wallet. Its really a business card case but it is the perfect sized wallet for me

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