Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okay we played the oldest game, now lets play the newest.
Whoever wants to play you can either post your answers on your blog or as a comment. Have fun!
1. What is the newest CD you own?
2. Newest article of clothing you own?
3. Newest pair of shoes you own?
4. Who is your newest friend ?
5. Newest DVD ?
6. Whats is the newest thing you bought?
7. What is the newest thing in your refrigerator?
8. Newest Id card ?
* I changed some of the questions a little bit

Okay here we go
1. This is tough because I really don't buy Cd's I am going to have to go with E40 (my ghetto report card) it was purchased over a year ago! am I the only one that doesn't buy Cd's?

2. A blue striped shirt from Victoria's Secret

3. Black flip flops from J Crew

4. My newest friends are probably Mandy and Phil. I have known Mandy forever but we never hung out until softball. Travis has a man crush on Phil. We love having them as neighbors!

5. Count of Monte Cristo.....if you haven't seen it, go watch it!

6. Gas

7. The chicken Travis grilled so I can make sandwiches

8. My newest id card is from Costco. I love Costco!


  1. I was going to play along but the more I thought about the answers the more I realized I don't get "new" stuff very often. I couldn't even come up with half the answers. Maybe I'll go shopping and come back and tell.

  2. 1.I downloaded "the breakup" soundtrack does that count?
    2. pink and purple skirt from black chandelier, crazy store but they have some fun stuff.
    3. brown jcrew flip flops. My last pair are three or four years old and my order just shipped so they should arrive any minute...yeah
    4. bob, i met him at the place my grandpa lives and I took him to the bees game tonight. I got to hold his hand and help him cross the street. He was cute. Phil was so happy he didn't have to take grandpa to the bathroom while we were there.
    5. madden 2008 for xbox, not my choice
    6. del taco for dinner
    7. milk and sunflour honey bread
    8. rei membership, yes we are granolas!

  3. I agree with you on the Count of Monte Cristo!

  4. alright here i go
    1. Michael Bublé two cent skirt from gap or my express shirt and dress and white striped flats that travis hates
    4.all my friends from byu
    5.honey, who framed roger rabit, or mean girls cuz i got them at the same time.
    6.a green bag from the byu bookstore
    7.fruit punch
    8.MY DRIVERS LICENSE!(got it yesterday)


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