Monday, August 13, 2007


Whoever wants to play you can either post your answers on your blog or as a comment. Have fun!

1. What is the oldest CD you own?

2. What is the oldest article of clothing you own?

3. What is the oldest article of clothing you wear?

4. Who is your oldest friend that you are still in touch with?

5. What is the oldest DVD you own?

6. Whats is your oldest childhood possession?

7. What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

8. What is your oldest Id card ?

My answers

1.I would have to go through my Cd's to be sure, but I think TLC crazy sexy cool. I use to love left eye!

2. The oldest article of clothing (besides baby clothes) is probably my overalls I bought in 10Th grade ( they use to be cool) I don't know why I haven't thrown them away.

3. I still wear my my PJ's and a few t shirts from high school.

4. My oldest friend that I still talk to is probably Carol and Jenny. We met in 7Th grade, wow 15 years ago!
okay I just re read my post and I am so dumb.... my oldest friends are Gina, Kimmy and Stephanie. We have been friends since the first grade. Sorry I am space case!
5. House on haunted hill. It was the first DVD I ever bought, Trav and I watched it once and probably wont ever watch it again.

6. My baby blanket, its surprisingly in really good shape.

7. Salad dressing.

8. My 7Th grade school id.


  1. Here goes:
    1. can't remember. When did cd's come out?
    2. I still have my blessing dress
    3. sweats from about 10 years ago
    4. ???
    5. When did dvd's come out?
    6. black stuffed mouse my mom made
    7. Parmesean cheese
    8. I had to look to be sure, but, it's my Evergreen jr. 9th grade

  2. This one is hard for mom, I throw everything out.
    1. Probably a George Strait cd
    2. A vintage long sleeved denim shirt from the Gap
    3. probably a Ron McBride Footbal t-shirt (to bed)
    4. Kelly
    5. I rarely buy dvd's...I rent.
    6. Madam Alexander dolls
    7. Red wine vinegar
    8. My freshman U of U id

  3. Julie your oldest cd is most likely the boys, Bobby brown or Paula Abdul. Remember those?

  4. I also thought it could be Kriss Kross (is it spelled with K's?)

  5. THIS LITTLE PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kris Kross makes you wanna Jump Jump... daddy mack wants to Jump Jump...

    mine is posted now

  7. Actually I think Travis has your Kriss Kross Cd. I will make him give it back to you!


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