Sunday, August 12, 2007

Over The Counter Cafe

This morning Trav and I went to over the counter for breakfast. I had only been there once before (even though I have ALWAYS lived really close) it was so yummy! I of course ordered a ham and cheese omelet ( cant go wrong with ham and cheese) Travis went with the short stack, scrambled eggs and toast. I think I want to make over the counter a weekly ritual! Anyone want to join us next week?


  1. Over the counter is good, but we like Sharon's better.

  2. Accually Sharon worked for Over The Counter Cafe before ripping off the menu and opening her own resturant with cheep knock-offs of the same food. If you honestly think it's better you either havn't ever eaten at OTC or you are bais because you are friends with Sharon. I like Sharon too,but you just cant beat OTC omellete and homefries !


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