Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I learned recently

  • I have anger issues ( when a dumb boy kicks my nephew in the face during the softball game)
  • Savannah Smiles was filmed at La Caille
  • The difference between American League and National League baseball
  • I hate pushy sales people at Macys
  • I still have anger issues the morning after a boy kicked my nephew in the face
  • There are Michael Vic dog chew toys for sale
  • I want a massage and facial


  1. Dee Dee -
    The house where they took Savannah in the movie used to be right by a placed that was called, "The Heather" if that sounds familiar, it is now known as Tuscany - you should know that place since that is where you got married.
    Oh, and they also filmed it down in Provo canyon at Bridal Veil Falls - but the tram at Bridal Veil is no longer there

  2. I'll never get the time back that it took me to read that response. Thanks.

  3. Sorry Trav - That one was pulled from way down in the geek section of my brain

  4. I think your anger issues might be connected to your need for a facial and a massage. When should we go?

  5. Julie I think your right! Lets plan a spa day.

  6. Todd? Is there a section of you brain that is not part geek?

  7. I'm ready. Let's go!

  8. Hey anonymous,
    I love it when Todd gets sweated without my help.


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