Tuesday, September 18, 2007

10 Reasons

10 Reasons I love the fall

1. Sweaters and sweatshirts
2. Its cold enough to drink hot chocolate
3. All the end of summer sales
4. Candy corn! I have a serious addition
5. All of the “fall” patterns. Tweed, argyle, houndstooth, etc…
6. School supplies everywhere
7. Seeing trick or treaters
8. Fall softball
9. Pretty leaves
10. I can use my fireplace

10 Reasons I hate the fall

1. It gets cold
2. Pumpkin pie is every where I look
3. Swimming pools close until next summer
4. I have to put away my flip flops
5. Trav’s busy season at work will start soon
6. The days are too short
7. I want to shop and spend more money
8. No more shaved ice stands
9. Leaves blow into my carport
10. Fall softball is so short


  1. Deeds, Jim's margarita machine makes great shaved ice...year around. You'll have to come over and check it out.

  2. I mostly agree with both your lists. I must say though even here in the midwest my 14 y.o. dd wears flip flops all year long. Even in the snow. Crazy, huh?


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