Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Peek Into My Family

From oldest to youngest, some random tidbits about my siblings.

Brad- When I think of Brad I think about him introducing me to one of my favorite authors. When I started getting into reading he gave me a copy of Crossing to safety by Wallace Stegner.

Brian- Brian wears crocs, Brian wears crocs with socks.

Julie- I would sleep over at Julie’s house all the time when I was younger. One time she hit a guy on a bicycle while she was driving us home. It was the bikers fault!

Jim- Jim plays a mean game of wiffle ball, just ask John.

Susie- Susie introduced me to Run DMC, LL Cool J, and Young MC.

Todd- Todd was always making random home movies. He would put the trampoline on the basketball court and set up the video camera to film his awesome dunks!

Laurie- Laurie was always in her room or dungeon as we liked to call it.

Brent- Brent had a perm and we called him little orphan Annie, then he would beat us up.

John- John was always getting in the middle of Mary and Brent’s fights. I believe this picture was what happened when he got between one of them throwing a brass duck at the other one.

Mary- I shared a room with Mary. Mary was scared of the dark and always wanted to share my bed with me. Each night she would try to bribe me with her toys so I would let her sleep with me. It rarely worked.

Me- I am the baby of the family. The best place to be!


  1. The babies are rulers of all that are good!
    From one baby to another :)

  2. I'm thrilled you had to mention the bike incident. Oh, and how cool did you make Susie sound. But I guess it could be worse.

  3. I don't know if I sound so cool, but at least I don't wear crocs (in public.)Thanks Deeds, I loved this post.

  4. I love this tribute. I feel like I grew up with you guys. Brian and Steph have been together a long time. I remember playing with you and Mary. You guys had a Large Doll, was it called Cricket? Anyway, I loved playing at your house. And, I totally remember John looking like that picture. Good memories.


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