Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Books Part 2

I just had to share this cool idea from my brother Todd.

"We started doing something with our kids a few years ago with all of our Christmas books. We wrap up all of the books in festive wrapping paper and each night the kids get to unwrap a new book to read. It is a fun way for them to be surprised every night with a different book"


  1. Hi Dianna,Thanks for the nice comment...I couldn't even believe somebody was still looking at my blog. :) I just don't have the energy to make it what I want right now & even if I could be crafty,my digital camera broke & we lost all our pics we took when we visited Virginia & my middle daughter's 5th grade graduation pictures. :( Anyways,the girls & I are still in Michigan...don't think we'll sell the house,no showings for the past month. :( Have you been doing any swaps?Maybe I need to check out what swaps are going on since it was so fun to get something in the mail to cheer us up.Again,thanks for the comment,nice to see that my swapper checks on me. :) Renee

  2. We used to do that too. It's fun. The kids had their fav book and always tried to guess which one it was.

  3. now that I think about it - Julie may have been our inspiratation for doing that...


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