Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Questions?

Photographer Chris Everard

I am a little curious about what other do around Christmas time. If you have a second please answer the following questions either in a comment or on your blog (don't forget to send me the link)

1) When do you put out your decorations?
2) What is your favorite Christmas book?
3) Do you have any holiday traditions? If so what?
4) What is your favorite Christmas movie?
5) What is your favorite Christmas album?
6) Do you eat a special Christmas meal? If so what?
7) Who do you spend the holidays with?
8) How many Christmas parties do yo go to?
9) When do you start your Christmas shopping?
10) How many people do you buy gifts for?

Thank you!


  1. Dunkie,

    All I can say is that Christmas is a completely different experience when your family lives away from home.

    Not away from home as in Provo, but far enough that you are completely on your own.

    Christmas Eve becomes something that is more private, more thoughtful, more grateful and a really wonderful experience - you still miss your family like crazy, but it's a good experience to have.

    That said, here are a few of my favorites:

    Favorite Book: Polar Express
    Favorite Tradition: Spending about a week with boxes everywhere trying to get the house together.
    Favorite Christmas Movie: Christmas Vacation ( I get choked up when Clark watches home movies.)
    Favorite Album: NKC
    Favorite Meal: Prime Rib
    How Many Parties Attended: About 6
    How Many Parties Throwing: About 5
    Start Shopping: After Thanksgiving


  2. 1. I never put out my decorations until thanksgiving is over, that is the only rule!
    2. We always read the Baby Jesus in the bible every christmas eve and I like that.
    3. We always get pajamas from my Santa (my mom) on christmas eve and exchange gifts from my bros then also
    4. the christmas story
    5. don't know, but i have a good mix i made
    6. no
    7. family family family
    8. work, grandmas, moms
    9. this year i was done the first week in november
    10. lots, i love it

  3. Ok:
    1 - day after thanksgiving
    2 - hmmm...don't have one
    3 - baking & shopping!
    4 - A Christmas Story (of course)
    5 - I just love all Christmas songs
    6 - not really: turkey, ham, mash potatoes, cake
    7 - my husband & his family usually because my parents live in a different state
    8 - usually 2-3
    9 - Around Thanksgiving
    10 - about 20 (including little kids)

  4. K so my freaking google reader isn't working and didn't realize you had posted new stuff! so i thought i was stealing the christmas quiz from h. justin, but imagine my horror once i realized it was my very own bestie LL dinanna! i am so sorry i didn't credit you on my bloggy. i have fixed that.

    PS i heart you lots


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