Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dianna's must haves Games Edition

I am a game girl so here are some more must have games.

Phase 10
The challenge is to be the first to complete 10 phases. The twist is that the phase to be completed is specific for each hand. Those that complete the phase advance to the next, but those that have not must try again. Designed for two to six players.

A game where each player is dealt a stockpile of cards and then attempts to win by playing all these cards on building piles in numerical sequence 1 through 12.

Play a card from your hand, place a chip on a corresponding space on the game board, and when you have 5 in a row, it's a Sequence. Learn to block your opponents and remove their chips. Watch out for the Jacks - they're wild! With a little strategy and a little luck, you'll be the winner.


  1. Thanks Dee Dee. I loved the list of games you left for me to think about getting on my blog. I am so excited that my young daughter likes games now that my boys are gone out of the house. We can laughed hard to now and not get comments like "Oh mom your laugh is son annoying" ya know things like that. Love my boys, but am enjoying a breath.

  2. i love playing games with my favorite couple, while we discuss the most gross topics known to man.

  3. Phase 10 is one of our favorites around here too! Have you played Rage? It's not as violent as it sounds! If not, check it out. Hit the Deck is a fun one we recently got too.


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