Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Can't Wait For Spring

Have I told you that I love our Vino? I am missing it!
I can't wait until spring so it will be warm enough to ride.
I told Travis that I would learn to drive the Vino this spring. I was too chicken to learn last year.
Is it silly that I am nervous about learning how to drive it?


  1. So Brave. I am always afraid I would be the laughing stock of the town if I was riding on one of those. But they look so fun. My daughter bought one. She's 9. It was a pink one from toys r us. She worked saling lemonade to get it. She looks like she is from Paris. That is great to keep the gas down too.

  2. i want a vino now! but i would want to paint it something funky like orange or yellow. maybe lime green!!!! ooh that'd be fly. (pretty sure that's the first time i have ever used the word "fly" as an adjective).

    do you remember driving around in my mom's grandma cars and singing to your mixed tapes in high school? i always think of that during spring time.

  3. Best purchase ever!!!

  4. those look like lots of fun. i can just imagine riding in a warm breeze..ahhh

  5. lucky girl! learn to drive it! i can't imagine anything that sounds more relaxing.


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