Friday, February 22, 2008


I just joined the Sparkle Power Sew-Along. I am very excited about this. I always tell myself that I will do more sewing and I don't. Now I will HAVE to sew more!
The first project is either hot pad holders or a table runner. I think I might go with the table runner {I already have a pattern for the table runner} Travis and I made our moms table runners for Christmas. Travis actually made the one for his momma and I made the one for my mom.


  1. Hello from Canada! I haven't sewn in years. I used to do a lot when my kids were really little. What a great concept! Now I want to run out and buy a new machine.

  2. Hi there! I joined the Sew Along group as well. I just started learning how to sew, so my stuff won't be anything spectacular, but I am excited to try new things and get some good practice in. Happy sewing, and I love your blog.


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