Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Can You Guess Where We Are?

I was going through old photos this morning and found this picture of Spencer, Travis and me.
Can you guess where the picture was taken?

I am dying to go back! Amanda you know you want to go too!


  1. Standing infront of small world at the happiest place on earth!

  2. Please remain seated... Permanacerse sentado por favor...

    Please help us stop signing this song!

    -the goat in Small world -

  3. "it's a world of laughter, a world of tears. its a world of hopes, its a world of fears.
    there's so much that we share
    that its time we're aware
    its a small world after all"

    best ride ever!

    we are seriously thinking about mid september/early october, what are your thoughts?

  4. So fun! I keep telling Scott now that we need to go... I can't wait to see you at book club. Thanks for reading. You just might win the little door prizes I am doing.

  5. Oh how I wish I had seen this first. I knew instantly where you are. You look like you were having a great time!

  6. it is where i will be spending my day today with the fam

  7. You can't see it in the picture but my ears were bleeding after listening to that horrible song.
    That damn song is tied for second on the all-time worst song ever list. Right behind American Pie by Don Mclean.

    No wonder Disney went bankrupt so many times.

  8. you were smiling though, Trav!

  9. Unlike some of the boys in our family, I don't show my physical or emotional pain by crying about everything.

    I like my wife to be happy therefore I didn't burn that damn ride down.


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