Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Almost 1 Years Old!

My blog is almost 1 years old!
I am going to celebrate next week, ALL week long.
There are going to be GIVEAWAYS, memes and more.
The celebration begins Monday, April 7Th.

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  1. Are you going to give away the stuff that Travis hasn't been able to sell on classifieds?

  2. nope! All brand new stuff. You know your excited Toddy!

  3. Happy Birthday my favorite blog ever! You beat QVC any day!

  4. Happy Blog Birthday

    And many more ahead of you!!!

  5. crap! i missed the whole dang week and the prizes ROCKED!!! i'm so mad i missed it. for some reason, google reader won't let me subscribe to your blog feed, and my small, small brain can't remember to come over here often enough! agh!!! i'm so mad!!!!


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