Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I rarely wear makeup, but lately I have been feeling that I need it. Maybe its the lack of color in my face { I need a little sun} or maybe its just feeling blah from being pregnant. So I need your help, please answer the following makeup questions.

1) What kind of foundation/ base do you wear if you wear any?

2) What do you wear on your lips? {chapstick, lipstick, lip gloss, etc...}

3) What kind of mascara do you wear?

4) What kind of eye liner do you wear?

5) What kind of eye shadow do you wear? {color, brand, etc...}

6) What kind of blush/bronzer do you wear?

7) Any other suggestion, recommendations, or any thing else I forgot and you want to add?


  1. 1. i hate foundation, don't wear it, don't need an extra step
    2. I LOVE bare escentuals lip gloss: boxom lips. my favorite color is kanani
    3. my favorite mascara is lash lengthening from mary kay
    4. i have revlon creme stick eyeliner in brown black
    5. i like lots of different eyeshadows, but mac and clinique are great
    6. mac blush, bobbi brown bronzer


  2. 1. Estee Lauder sheer you can't see it but it covers when you need it. I use it on my T zone to even things out.
    2.Burt's bees tinted chapstix
    3.Loreal mascara eyeliner
    5.Lancome and NARS eyeshadows.
    6.Lancome and NARS blush/blushstix

    I rarely wear makeup but have these for weekends!

  3. 1. Don't wear foundation...i feel like I am suffocating and it hides my freckles!!!
    2. Nars Lipgloss -Talitha and Orgasm
    3. Christian Dior Show in Black and Brown
    4. Nars & just started using Bobbie Brown the one that is sort of liquid but more or a dark brown
    5. Any eyeshadow really but I love Bobbie Brown cream never creases
    6. Benefit - Cowgirl

    Jenny D

  4. 1. I wear Mary Kay, it seems to cover well without feeling like I've loaded on foundation.
    2. I just wear chapstick
    3.I love Mary Kay's mascara but it's a bit expensive so I haven't had it for awhile, but I'm missing it.
    4.I don't wear eye liner
    5.I wear Mary Kay eye shadow, once again, and the colors are called spun silk, and java! Love them.
    6.I don't wear blush.

    Are you totally breaking out due to pregnancy? It seems that there's nothing I can do to stop it!

  5. 1. I don't really like to wear foundation even though I probably should
    2.I really like bath & body lip gloss - they have really fun flavors
    3. I accidentally bought water-proof mascara at the grocery store and I hate it.
    4.I love MAC's eyeliner
    5.I have MACs eyeshadow too and I like it because it lasts forever
    6.I really like MAC's bronzer - can't go a day without it.

  6. 1} I hate foundation, don't wear it.

    2}I love MAC's Lipglass in Chai, it is pretty sticky though so i don't get as many kisses when i wear it.

    3}Currently i am using Loreal's Voluminous mascarra, but it flakes too much. i always switch it up.

    4}Stila, i don't know what its called but it is in slate i think. it has this awesome tip on the other side that smudges the liner. (i rarely wear liner though.)

    5}Stila's eyeshadow is divine, i love their eye pots.

    6} I too adore MAC's bronzer, i have worn this for five years and have love love loved it.

    *MAC #7 lashes, they are amazing.

  7. 1) I hate liquid foundation, but love either Chanel or Stila's pressed powder and I can't live with out YSL's Touche eclat under eye's the best! just ask Posh.
    2)Right now I like Perfumeria Gal- Red Currant lip balm and maybe a little Bobbi Brown lipgloss/color
    3) I'm currently using Chanel's Inimitable mascara
    4)If I use it, Chanel's espresso eyeliner. It goes on smooth
    5) Like Amanda, I love Stila's eyeshadows
    6)Bobbi Brown Bronzer

  8. 1. I skip foundation a lot, but I love, love Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral powders. (Which are now available in from a ton of different lines.) It is actually good for your skin. (I am just lazy on a day to day basis.)
    2. Burt's Bees tinted chapsticks
    3. Difinicils (Lancome) is the number one selling mascara in the world for a reason.
    5. I like to experiment with different brands for color. I like Lancome, Perscriptives, and Borghesse shadows a lot.
    6. Again with the Bare Minerals.

    If you want a makeover, I'd love to do one for you. I haven't done one in a few years so it would be fun. (Did you know I used to be a photography makeup artist? Yeah, you wouldn't know it by the "mom look" I currently sport. ;-D)

  9. 1) Liquid foundation is too heavy for my skin. I wear Bare Minerals powder foundation on special occasions, it's awesome.

    2) Jane "Be Pure" Mineral Lip Balm in
    Pink Garnet. It's moisturizing, tastes good, and gives a little bit of color. I LOVE it.

    3) Maybelline Great Lash. Gotta love the neon 80s packaging!

    4) Clinique Quickliner in Dark Chocolate. It blends in nicely but doesn't smear.

    5) No eyeshadow for me - but I have some Revlon stuff in various colors for when I'm bored with my face. :)

    6) MAC powder blush in Mocha. If I could wear one thing, it would be this. Without it I look like I have a terminal disease!

    7) Add some Cetaphil and Oil of Olay and you're set. Have fun experimenting! :)


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