Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On My Mind

  • I am craving a muenster cheese toast {thanks for the new addiction Julie}
  • I want a nap
  • I day dream of going home and taking a nap all day long
  • I loved riding on the Vino last night
  • I will be busy tonight {book club and the boys softball game}
  • I better bring some team treats to the softball game tonight
  • I am glad its warm enough to wear a skirt today {jeans are too tight on this pregnant girl}
  • I am going to sleep in this whole weekend
  • I better start thinking about what to get my mother and mother in law for mothers day


  1. Between you and Mary, all I am going to think about is food! (Well, and sleep, which I am also sadly lacking!) Please post the directions for the cheese toast. Vive le formage!

  2. Keersten you will have to ask Julie for sure, she made the toast for me. I know she got the cheese and bread from Sams Club. Its so good!

  3. Ok-here it is. Sliced Muenster cheese on Sam's Club french bread, toasted open face in the toaster oven. Btw-I think a toaster oven is a "must-have"


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