Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scooter Time

The warm weather is almost here, that means scooter time is almost here. I am thinking about getting a new helmet. We only have one. Here are some fun options instead of those boring black helmets.

Plain pink helmet

Rose helmet

Tattoo helmet

Hello Kitty helmet

Union Jack helmet


  1. So cute! I like the dark pink one!

  2. I love the Union Jack helmet. This one too:

  3. I've got to get a scooter. Back in the summer of 1979 Marky Napus, me and another friend tried to hunt down and buy Vespas. No luck. Now that they are widely available, I still haven't pulled the trigger.

  4. Brian its all about the Vino! Look on KSL, they have have them for cheap!

  5. I would get the rose one for sure


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