Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 Reasons

10 reasons I love being pregnant

1) I can use the excuse "but I am pregnant" for almost everything. I make sure to use a really whiney voice too.
2) I don't feel guilty about sleeping all the time
3) Travis gets {cute} protective of me
4) My boobs are huge
5) Travis gets to take care of cleaning the litter box
6) I get to buy lots of baby clothes { I have always loved shopping for baby clothes}
7) The crazy dreams
8) Travis helps out around the house more
9) Knowing I am going to be a mama
10) Knowing Travis is going to be a daddy

10 reasons I hate being pregnant
1) I want to eat everything in sight {and I do eat it}
2) I am always tired
3) People touch my belly {I am not a touchy person so its a bit weird, and its probably going to get worse}
4) I pee all the time
5) I cant sleep on my tummy
6) My boobs are huge
7) I look really hot in a swim suit
8) I have the worst break outs
9) I cant drink chai tea
10) Gaining weight

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  1. you can't drink chai tea? how come?

    i luff that you are preggers


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