Friday, May 30, 2008

28th Birthday

Today is my 28Th birthday!

I decided to make a list of 28 things to do before I turn 29. Sounds fun right? This will give me exactly one year to complete the list. So here is the list.

*warning this is a long post

1) Learn to drive the Vino. I had already said I was going to learn to do that this summer, but its probably safer to wait until I am not pregnant. After all I am a clumsy girl.

2) Take a photography class. I have been dying to take a photography class since I was a senior is high school {I loved my school photography class} and that was 10 years ago. Sheesh am I a slacker.

3) Write a will. I have always had {my version of a will} a list in the back of all of my journals where I would write my funeral plans and a list of who got which of my possessions. When I was younger it was a little silly. I had my dad getting one of my stuffed animals.
Now that the baby is coming Travis and I need to get our act together and put together a {real} will.

4) Go on a hot air balloon ride. Ever since I saw Pippi Long Stockings {years and years ago} I have wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and dang it, I am going to do that this year. Travis that is a giant hint to you.

5) Go to the Wyoming downs. Okay that probably doesn't sound as fun to you as it does to me, but I haven't ever been to a horse race and I really want to go. Its only like an hour {or so} drive so why not?

6) Take a cooking class from Lugano. Another thing I have been putting off for awhile. Its funny that I put it off, because its like what 2 blocks from my house? I really shouldn't have any excuses not to take the class.

7) Finish that quilt I have been working on since 2005. Back in 2005 my mom gave me some quilters squares so I could make a quilt. I have all the squares cut into the size I want, I even have some of the squares sewn together. This should be an easy task for me. Maybe if I am ambitious I could get it done before the baby come.

8) Get caught up on my scrap book. I was so proud of myself for getting myself all caught up before I got married {in 2005} and that was the last time I have worked on my scrap book. I really would like to get caught up before the baby gets here. If I don't that's 2 whole scrap books {one for me and one for the baby} I have to stay updated on. I better get my butt in gear.

9) Go to Europe or Australia. Ok its more realistic for me to say book the flights to Europe or Australia. I have been to Australia and a few places in Europe and have been dying to take Travis. Once the baby is old enough I will do it!

10) Read {at least} 12 books. That means 1 book a month. If I can keep current in my book club then this shouldn't be a problem. Last year I read way more than 12 but a lot of them were Gossip Girl books, which don't really count as real books.

11) Stay at a bed and breakfast. I have only stayed in a bed and breakfast once and I loved it! On our wedding night Travis and I stayed at the La Caille b&b. I would love to stay at La Caille again or find a new b&b to try out.

12) Ride the Alpine slide. I haven't rode the Alpine slide in at least 8 years. I think I am due for a ride.

13) Try out at least 10 new recipes. I rarely cook. I actually really enjoy cooking, but Travis doesn't really like to eat dinner and I hate cooking for one. 10 recipes might be a stretch but if they are desserts it might be easier.

14) Buy a new camera.

15) Go to the zoo. Travis and I bought a zoo membership a few years ago and only used it once. Maybe if some of my cute nieces and nephews wanted to go to the zoo with me I would be more tempted to go. Hint hint.

16) Go on a hike. With so many great hiking trails nearby its kind of silly that I don't hike.

17) Do some guerilla art. see here.

18) Put together a Bunko night.

19) Plan 2008 friends Christmas party.

20) Go on a picnic with Travis. Another one of things I have been wanting to do for a long time but just haven't gotten around to it.

21) Put together a Blurb book. I have made a few Blurb books and I want to make another one. Maybe a book for the baby, or one of my blog, we'll see.

22) Deliver {random} gifts. I love giving random gifts, especially homemade gifts. Maybe I can give something like this.

23) Make some quiet books. I like this one from Martha Stewart.

24) Write more letters. I use to be really good about writing letters, probably because I love getting mail and to get mail you have to give mail. This task will probably be easy because I will have 2 nephews and 1 niece on missions and for some reason I find it easy to write to them.

25) Read my favorite Roald Dahl books. I never realized just how many books Roald Dahl has written. Crazy!
I want to read the following books: charlie and the chocolate factory, james and the giant peach, matilda, the bfg and the witches

26) Eat at the Crab Cooker. The last few years Travis and I have gone to Newport beach and every year I say I am going to eat at the Crab Cooker and I never do. This is the year!

27) Get back into running. I use to run a few times a week and now the thought of any form of exercise makes me want to take a nap. I am sure once the baby comes I will be dying {and really needing} to get back into shape so I am going to pick up running {again} after the baby comes.

28) Eat dinner in Millcreek Canyon. This is one of those things Travis hates to do, maybe its because its a bit of a hassle. I love to get a fire going, roast hot dogs and marshmallows and just hang out.


  1. We have a zoo pass that allows us to bring cute aunts like you with us. Let's go!

    I want to come with you to the Crab Cooker!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I was going to try and wish you a happy birthday on your blog before anyone else but you beat me..and Susie. Happy Birthday!-Em

  3. Happy Birthday Deeds!
    I must say this is a great list. I would be happy to help you out on a few of these. 1. I'm always up for a vino ride. 6. sign me up for the cooking class-let's really do it-plus that will help out with the 10 new recipes. 8. my scrapbooks are really outdated, let's plan some times to work on them together. 9. I'm always up for Europe! 15. Let's plan a zoo family night and invite the whole gang and lastly 28. Let's plan a cookout up millcreek, maybe Travis wouldn't mind so much if some "fun" people went along. Again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Thanks for letting me take you to lunch. I will make a deal with you, if I haven't found anyone worth using the hot air balloon ride tickets I got by say July, I will take you for sure. And, as far as East Millcreek I know the perfect spot that is always available and not a pain to cook at. Love ya Deeds. Have a great day

  5. I want to do some of these: take a photography class, ride the alpine slide, make a quiet book, and put a blurb book together. We should do some of these together! I also want to see your wedding book because I just made my first shutterfly book.

  6. Happy Birthday Dee dee! So, when you decide to scrapbook call me... I haven't done any for so long! I hope you have a fantastic day!

    P.S. are you going to write your favorite neice on her mission?

  7. Photography class...count me in! I love this list deeds! Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy birthday deeds! We will see you tomorrow! Love ya-

  9. Happy Happy Birthday! I agree with Julie, I would love to take a class with at Lugano's. Also, a good way to get those recipes would be to come to the recipe group next month. (hint, hint.)

  10. How about a race track in California? I would love to go to Arcadia.

  11. Why are you planning a 2007 Christmas party?

  12. what a cool idea. happy birthday!


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