Tuesday, May 20, 2008

California Adventures

I had so much fun writing my guide to Disneyland yesterday, so today I am writing my guide to California Adventure.

  • Cool down with a margarita or frozen drink {keep in my California Adventure serves alcohol so make sure to ask for a virgin margarita} at Rita's Baja Blenders
  • Lunch with the Princesses at Ariel's Grotto
  • Find any vendor cart and enjoy fresh cotton candy
  • Get a sugar cookie dipped in white chocolate or a giant rice krispy treat at Greetings from California shop
  • If you go in the Spring or Winter grab a hot bowl of soup at Pacific Wharf Cafe


  • Make your own Mr. Potato Head at Engine Ears Toy shop { pick a box and stuff it full of all your favorite Mr. Potato parts for one low price}
  • Pick up your trading pins at P.T. Flea Market
  • Don't forget to buy your Disney sweatshirt at Greetings from California


  • Have to ride California Screamin
  • Ask for the first row when you ride Soarin' over California
  • Tower of Terror is a ride you should ride over and over again. If their is a long line, get fast passes. {don't forget to ask for the front row}
  • Stop by the Animation Academy to learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters {did I mention its air conditioned}
  • Take the kids on Monsters Inc ride
  • Relive your childhood Disneyland memories by watching the electric parade {make sure to check out the calendar for dates and times}
  • Make sure to watch A Bugs Life {3D}


  • If you hang out by the bathrooms in the back lot section you will get to see lots of characters.


  1. you forgot to tell everyone to pick up a turkey leg.

    dying to go!!!!

  2. I dont do the turkey legs, thats my dad!

  3. Here is a little secret...

    The best place for food. Whitewater Snacks.

    How do you find this place? Go down the walkway between Soarin' over California and Grizzley River Rapids and find the exit to the Grand California Hotel. Exit the park into the hotel walkway, turn left and walk about 100 feet.

    It is a good place to get fresh made food (burgers, steak nachos, etc) and sit in a quiet and cool area.

  4. Maybe tomorrow you should do Downtown Disney so you can talk about Ralph Brennan's Kitchen and Beignets! Yummy!

    Also, one of my favorite rides at California Adventure is Mulholland Madness. It's like the Wild Mouse on crack. I've heard dad scream on it like a little girl. Hilarious!


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