Saturday, May 24, 2008

H Is For

is for high tea

I just spent yesterday afternoon {with my sisters and mom} at The Grand America for high tea.
I love going to afternoon tea. It makes me feel like a little kid again, playing tea party.


  1. ooh, i've never been but it looks so fun!

  2. Hi Dee Dee- I just happened to see you comment on Kim's blog about NOT going to the reunion and I have to say that you for sure should come! FOR SURE! It's going to be so fun just to catch up with all the crazies we went to school with. Come on. There will be fun food, dancing, music, photos, prizes, etc. You definitely should come. Go to and just know that I will be super bummed if you don't come. June 7th. 6pm. Can't wait to see you. - Brooke

  3. Hey its Callie (amanda's friend). I love your blog. I wish I could be more creative and entertaining on mine. I wanted to say congratulations on the fabulous news. Later


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