Monday, June 2, 2008

K Is For

is for kisses!

I love getting kisses from Travis. I wont let him leave the house with out giving me a kiss.


  1. what about k for kelli...

  2. Your camera is the same as mine that I got for Christmas. Let's get together and take pictures! We really should take a class. I would love it!

  3. Wow,have I missed some news,I've been away from blogging for a while now & see that you not only had a birthdy,but are pregnant,too...CONGRATS!!!!I'm so happy for you!I miss being pregnant,I loved it,I think it's b/c I carried really low so I never got to look like a pregnant person,I always just looked like I ate too much,so I really miss it,especially since you don't have to worry about looking fat. :) Anyways,I saw on your list to do,you mentioned writing letters.I stopped writing letters about 3 years ago,but miss it,so I was wondering if you would like to write to me.I miss getting mail & life is a little boring here with my husband gone,so if you want to write,please let me know,thanks!Renee


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