Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Check Up

It has been about 2 months since I wrote my big birthday list. I thought maybe you would like to see how I am coming along on my list of 28 things to do before I turn 29.
Maybe you don't care, but I do!

* I will highlight the completed things in red.

1) Learn to drive the Vino
This is going to have to wait until the spring, I don't think I should be driving a scooter while I am pregnant.

2) Take a photography class

3) Write a will
This has been on my to do list almost every day since my birthday, I want to get this done before the baby comes not just before my next birthday.

4) Go on a hot air balloon ride
Can I do this while I am pregnant?

5) Go to the Wyoming downs

6) Take a cooking class from Lugano
I am just waiting for them to post their next class Schedule.

7) Finish that quilt I have been working on since 2005
I have gotten as far as separating the small squares and pulling out the sewing machine. Every time I pull out the sewing machine I find something else I would rather sew.

8) Get caught up on my scrap book
I need to get all of my pictures printed before I dive into this HUGE task.

9) Go to Europe or Australia
I am not even going to think about this until after the new year.

10) Read {at least} 12 books
So far I have read 7 books and I am in the middle of reading number 8

11) Stay at a bed and breakfast
I guess I could stay in a B&B in Salt Lake but maybe I could combine this with #9

12) Ride the Alpine slide
This will probably have to wait until next spring. I am almost positive they don't let pregnant women on the Alpine slide.

13) Try out at least 10 new recipes
The first 2 recipes I tried were at the Sur La Table cupcake cooking class I took with Amanda. It was a fun class , you should check it out.
8 more recipes to go!

14) Buy a new camera
Travis bought me an awesome camera for my birthday!

15) Go to the zoo
I turned down Susie's Zoo invitation a few weeks back. Bad Dianna!

16) Go on a hike
Does not sound fun right now.

17) Do some guerilla art
I have a few ideas of what I would like to do, I just need Travs help.

18) Put together a Bunko night
Maybe after summer

19) Plan 2008 friends Christmas party
I have already started my "planning lists"

20) Go on a picnic with Travis
Travis says he does NOT want to go on a picnic. I think that means I will have to surprise him to make him go with me.

21) Put together a Blurb book

22) Deliver {random} gifts
I have done a few {very few} random gifts. At least it's a start

23) Make some quiet books

24) Write more letters
I have been doing pretty well writing my nephew Trent who is on a mission. Maclaine and Andy leave this summer so that's when I will really be put to the test. Maybe I will write 1 letter a week so they will each get a letter every 3 weeks? Or maybe I can get 3 letters out each week. Right now its a bit hard with my pregnancy carpal tunnel. It hurts to write.

25) Read my favorite Roald Dahl books
the Roald Dahl books starting with my favorite one.
Witches, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and the BFG

26) Eat at the Crab Cooker
I was able to eat at the Crab Cooker during my beach trip in June.
I wasn't very hungry so I got the crab claws. So yummy!

27) Get back into running
Waiting for the baby to be born and the OK from the doctor to begin this one.

28) Eat dinner in Millcreek Canyon
I just need to start planning this one.


  1. Sydney is dying to go for a hike, lets go next week! I have a trail up millcreek canyon that I love and is mostly in the shade. We could even cook dinner up there after the hike, thus killing two birds with one stone!

  2. Don't worry, we'll invite you to the zoo again. We usually go fairly early in the morning so it doesn't get too hot.

  3. i could help you with a few of these


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