Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shaved Ice

I love shaved ice! Don't confuse this with a snow cone, shaved ice is WAY better.
Lately I have been going to Ice Age for my shaved ice.
Where do you get your shaved ice?
What is your favorite flavor? Mine is bubblegum.
Is this just a Utah (and Hawaii) thing?
It seems like in Salt Lake you can find a shaved ice shack on every corner.


  1. Ice Age is the best. I like peach razamataz with tigers blood!

  2. In Hawaii it's actually shave ice, no d. I'm not really sure why.
    I've yet to have one this summer. I'll put it on my list for tomorrow.

  3. One of the main reasons why shaved ice is so ubiquitous in Utah is that at least three major shaved ice supply companies started or have their head quarters there, such as Sno Shack, Snowie, and Tropical Sno. Personally, I think Sno Shack's are the best mainly due to the ice shaver they use. It produces the best snow compared to the other companies' shavers.

  4. I'm lovin the shaved ice myself! I go to my brother's sno shack, "Snow Dizzle", up in the Smith's parking lot on 33rd! But I love Ice Age too!

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  6. Julie's right. It's is Shave ice. If a place has the d on the end of the name, I keep on driving!

    There's a really good place down here in forbidden Utah County called Ella Good that is a shack version of what they sell in Hawaii at the famous Matsumoto's.

    Ella G's includes shave ice with all the flavors you've come to expect, plus extras like ice cream, heavy cream drizzled over the top or even Azuki beans (which is completely nasty, by the way.)

    There's also a really good shave ice place at the south end of Waikiki that is one of the best - because they keep their flavors ice cold so they don't melt the shave ice when they drizzle it on top.

    I had my first shave ice in 1983,and ate it sitting in a top-down jeep along with my friends Bill Johnson, Jim Hamilton and Richard Whittaker across from the famous body surfing wave at Sandy Beach in Hawaii.

  7. ahh. THe memories! We had us quite a bit of shave ice from Matsumoto's last January. The tropical flavors there are great!


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