Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Peek Into My Family part 3

From oldest to youngest, some random tidbits about my siblings.

Brad- Brad has always been a good example to me. I guess he filled the oldest brother shoes really well.
One time I made Brad really mad. We had been floating the Green river, but the boys wanted to stop and fish. Emily and I saw an extra life jacket in the boat and decided to use it to play with in the water. It turns out it wasn’t an extra life jacket, it was Brad’s life jacket. BIG mistake!

Brian- Brian is the king of nicknames. Here are a few of the random ones he has given some of my family. Dunke, Mary Juana (Mary Jane), Jo bag of donuts, T Fudd,

Note to siblings feel free to correct me here.

Julie- I love Julie’s cooking, especially when she makes chicken squares. Hint hint!

Jim- Jim drives a VW convertible bug. His kids love it.

Susie- Susie loves her cell phone! I think the only time she calls me is when she is driving and needs a diversion. I guess we will see what happens when she moves in closer. She use to end her phone calls with “love your show. Got to go” now it’s “anything else”

Todd- It’s entertaining to watch sports with Todd. He yells at the TV. A lot.

Laurie- I love that one of Laurie’s nicknames is Lardy. What’s even better is that she got it because Trent could say her name. I am glad my name is an easy one for kids to say.

Brent- When Brent is on meds he is really loving. He had a procedure done and came back to work after. The meds were still in his system and before he went home he had to hug all of us goodbye.

John – Johnny use to make German oven pancakes for us kids ALL the time.

Mary – I don’t think Mary liked Pre School very much. I think she had to make a trip to the principal’s office at least once a week (isn’t preschool only twice a week?) Her teacher had to cup her hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t bite anyone.

Me- The baby of the family. The best place to be!

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  1. I'll add some stuff...

    Brad - can sleep anywhere.
    Brian - wishes Provo was California. Loses to Jim in Basketball.
    Julie - saves seats. Even if I don't show.
    Jim - loves his high fives. Loses to Brian in Basketball.
    Susie - makes a great (just kidding) alarm clock on vacations.
    Todd - repeats himself until acknowledged.
    Laurie - works with a he she.
    Brent - always has sex on the brain. Always.
    John - sport and movie guru.
    Mary - bumps cassette tapes.
    Dianna - is pregnant.

  2. -3 out of the 11 of have made me pee my pants
    -1 is my brother-in-law
    -I had a crush on 2
    -1 saved my life
    -1 put chewed gum on my face
    -1 almost killed me with a toxic crepe

  3. Fun updates- I guess it's time to cook some chicken squares, even if you were just brown-noseing.

  4. hey, at least I call my sisters. And note to Trav, Ella is the famed alarm clock. If I had my way, I'd be sleeping in all the time.

  5. can i play?

    Brad - i just know he's em taylor's brother in law.
    Brian - i know use to live in CA and has darling daughters.
    Julie - is a second mom and is so funny and chill.
    Jim- i don't know very well but i know has cute little kiddos.
    Susie - is so freaking funny and comes up with fun nick names. i also LOVE the names she gave her daughters.
    Todd- has the funniest little kid, who pinched my husband the day after st. patrick's day cuz he wasn't wearing any green.
    Laurie - is super fun and in high school totally let me drive her car to burger king once. i thought i was WAY awesome.
    Brent - is Dirty, Dirty, Dirty
    Johnny- was our friend's hearthrob.
    Mary - Loves to rock the mini van, she was the first person to tell me that they LOVE min vans, and that was in high school.
    Dianna - some girl that beat me up in high school but now i'm bff's with.

    i heart the neffs.

    PS did you know that Merlot is a wine?

  6. Amanda-you know us too well. Funny that you mentioned THE fight.

  7. Amanda
    I still love mini vans and yes Merlot is wine! (that was funny)

  8. That looks like a big family, but we've added 1 niece-in-law, 3 nieces, 1 nephew and 2 more on the way since that picture was taken. Whew!


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