Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Random things that have happened to me this week
  • Had a man hit my car with a stick and yell at me in Spanish. He then realized I wasn't the one he wanted to threaten.
  • Car battery died at the gas station. Luckily Travis was there to take care of it all (after Julie came and gave us a jump).
  • My computer at work died (fried). Everything from the power supply to the fan to the motherboard oh and the hard drive.
  • My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday.
  • I watched John hit a home run to win the softball game.
  • My feet and ankles are so swollen.
  • Today is my last day of work this week.
  • I got to get bubblegum shaved ice before the softball game last night.
  • I am stressing out! I just have too much to do.

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  1. Mocha Salsa has gone straight to hell. Not only are they slow - like FOREVER slow, they let a bunch of stupid teenagers loiter in the parking lot. This isn't Mississippi. Go find something to do.


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