Saturday, January 24, 2009

63 Minutes

That is the time I spent on the phone with At&t Wireless trying to fix a problem with my cell phone. In the end I was told it just couldn't be fixed and then I figured out how to fix it. The lady on the phone actually ended the call by saying "I am glad I could resolve your problem". Uh, I think I resolved the problem.


  1. omg INFURIATING!!! to say the least.

    ...I'm in love with that Mr. T. onesie say the least

  2. If it was me the lady would have heard a mouthful!

    Oh, I'm not going to end up at book group on Tuesday. My friend is finalizing the adoption of her second child and sealing her to them so I'll be in Rigby, Idaho. I'm bummer too! I so wanted to know what you thought of your book! I thought it was interesting. Have fun though and tell everyone HI!

  3. hahah of course. sometimes i wonder where they hire these people


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