Monday, February 2, 2009

Years Ago

25 years ago
1. I was 3 years old
2. I was an aunt
3. I hated fruit

20 years ago
1. I got my ears pierced
2. I was baptised
3. I got mischief (a cat)

15 years ago
1. I had braces
2. Emily and Carol were my bestest friends
3. I was hoping to get boobs

10 years ago
1. I had graduated high school
2. I went tanning a lot
3. Worked at Talbots

5 years ago

1. I bought my own house
2. I was so in love with Travis (still am)
3. I went to Australia

3 years ago

1. I was enjoying being a newly wed
2. Working for Neff Construction
3. Went to Disneyland 3 times

1 year ago

1. Celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary
2. Was pregnant
3. Bought a new car

This year so far

1. Am a stay at home mom
2. Went to Brody's baby blessing
3. Trying to lose the baby weight

Next year
1. I am going to Australia (hopefully)
2. Travel lots (hopefully)
3. Start thinking about having another baby


  1. Fun! I almost didn't recognize you with the tan. (that's not meant to be rude, really) Great pictures!

  2. fun post! that first photo (plus a few years) is totally how i always picture you and mary, since that's how you looked when i first knew you. funny. also, congrats on the baby blessing! brody is darling.

  3. what a neat post!

    you have accomplished quite a lot in just 25 years! i hope you get to travel next year, that is simply the best :)

  4. Seriously another baby!? Way to go woman!


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