Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 Truths

I will give you three statements and you pick the two truths and the one lie.

1. I hate touching wooden spoons
2. I hate banana bread
3. I can eat a whole pizza by myself

1. I am really good at math
2. I don't know any of the Rolling Stones songs
3. I have an aesthetician license

Game via Shark Bait


  1. Is it the wooden spoon?

    And the Rolling Stones songs?

  2. Unless things have changed, the lie would be that you "hate banana bread". I recall a time in your life where banana bread was the only sorce of fruit in your diet.

  3. I am going to the banana bread and the aesthetician license. Although, the idea of you shying away from wooden spoons is pretty funny! (Especially if it were true!!!)

  4. Duh Sir Kitty you hate wooden spoons and you suck at math.

  5. i'm gonna have to say 1 and 1

    and if you really do hate touching wooden spoons i need to hear the story behind that!!

  6. i actually hate touching wooden spoons, so i kind of hope that one is true.


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