Friday, March 6, 2009

4 Months Old

My boy turned four months old today!
Can you see his cute dimple in the picture?
These days Brody is all about his hands. He is learning how to grab things but more then anything he likes to suck on his hands or fingers. He pulls his Binky out of his mouth so he can suck on his little fingers.
Brody has started laughing and he laughs the hardest when we take his clothes off.
We started him on rice cereal yesterday and he isn't quite sure if he likes it.
Brody loves to see himself in the mirror. He makes sure to smile big when he sees himself.
He is always easy to put down to bed. I think he is like his mom and loves his sleep!
Brody is a happy boy, unless he gets woken up from a nap.
It amazes me how fast he is growing. Each day is something new.


  1. He's so adorable. They grow so fast don't they?!

  2. He's so cute! I could just eat him up!

  3. He is SO cute--and a little mischievous (at least in this pic.)


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