Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Months

Brody turned 5 months old today!
This last month Brody graduated from physical therapy. The shape of his head is a little flat but we have a special pillow for him. It's getting better everyday!
Brody consistently sleeps 11-12 hours a night and is still a good napper. Sometimes I will wake up early in the morning to him talking in his sleep.
Brody hates eating cereal!
He is always grabbing for things, he loves to reach out and grab my face. If he gets his finger in my mouth he giggles.
Brody is always quick with a smile or laugh for his daddy.
Brody is such a happy little baby!


  1. ooh chopper i lub him so much! i need to see him soon.

  2. What a handsome baby boy! I loved that age, and it only gets better, I think.

  3. oh look at his cute little smile... he is soooooo cute!!!! he is a good sleeper... we love hime... later gater!

  4. What a handsome young lad...

    I think the photo of Brody smiling in the top left looks quite a bit like Henry when he smiles


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