Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday I went to my local library book sale. I got a few 2008 travel books for about a quarter each.
One of my favorite books I got was USA by Rail. I decide I have to go on a train trip.
I have been on plenty of trains in Europe, but not in the US.

Where should I go on my train trip? Here are some good suggested routes.
Have you ever been on a train trip in the United States?


  1. Deeds, I want to go! My old neighbor goes on a train trip every year to a cute little Colorado sounds fun.

  2. I want to go on a trip PERIOD!! Let's go. Can't wait for Disneyland...see you there!

  3. Dee Dee -

    Our kids have been asking us to go on a trip by train. If it were winter, we'd go to Truckee, CA (Close to Lake Tahoe) and go skiing. But Since it's not, maybe we should go to Denver for a few days.

    Do you guys want to come along? You can get on the train and meet us a the station in Provo! We'll bring the Dr Pepper and Cheetos for the trip.


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