Thursday, May 21, 2009

28 Things List Recap

Last year on my birthday I made a list of 28 things to do before I turned 29. I didn't complete all of them so I may just add them to this years list (coming soon). Anyways, here is a little recap of how I did.

I have completed the things in red

The things in orange I will complete soon.

1) Learn to drive the Vino
I am sure I can take a few minutes to do this next week.

2) Take a photography class
This is so not happening before my birthday.

3) Write a will
I have started on this but need to add a few details and have it notarized.

4) Go on a hot air balloon ride
Trav and I are planning on doing this for my birthday next week.

5) Go to the Wyoming downs

6) Take a cooking class from Lugano
Planning on doing this in June

7) Finish that quilt I have been working on since 2005
I have actually finished the squares but have a ways to go.

8) Get caught up on my scrap book

9) Go to Europe or Australia
I am thinking of doing this next year.

10) Read {at least} 12 books

11) Stay at a bed and breakfast

12) Ride the Alpine slide
Hopefully this summer.

13) Try out at least 10 new recipes

14) Buy a new camera

15) Go to the zoo
I am planning on doing this soon with Brody.

16) Go on a hike
Hopefully I can go on a few little trails with Brody this summer.

17) Do some guerilla art

18) Put together a Bunko night

19) Plan 2008 friends Christmas party

20) Go on a picnic with Travis
I told Travis I wanted to go on a picnic up Millcreek Canyon for my birthday.

21) Put together a Blurb book
I have started this but want to wait to publish it. I want it to be all of Brody's first year.

22) Deliver {random} gifts

23) Make some quiet books

24) Write more letters

25) Read my favorite Roald Dahl books

26) Eat at the Crab Cooker

27) Get back into running
More like I run intervals (doesn't that sound better then saying I walk/run because I don't have any stamina?)

28) Eat dinner in Millcreek Canyon
I told Travis I wanted to go on a picnic up Millcreek Canyon for my birthday.


  1. before you start a quiet book, check with me. I have suppplies. Did you sign up for the cooking class yet?

  2. We'd be happy to take you guys to the zoo. We have a guest pass and have been going about once a week lately. :) It would be fun to do something with you!


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