Friday, May 29, 2009

29 Things

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 29 years old.

Here is my list of 29 things to do before I turn 30.

1) Get Brody's scrap book up to date. This is going to be a big project because I have so many pictures of him.

2) Send out a family Christmas card.

3) Read the Book of Mormon.

4) Go on a carriage ride. I have been trying to get Travis to take me on a carriage ride for a few years. This year it will happen!

5) Read every book in book club. Even the ones I know I wont like.

6) Get my eyes checked. I swear my eyes have gotten worse since being pregnant. Beth (Trav's mama) is always teasing me about getting my eyes checked.

7) Start using the library more. I usually just buy books but that really adds up. I could save a lot of money using the library.

8) Start a savings account for Brody. I would like to contribute to his savings every single month.

9) Clean all the carpets in the house.

10) Ride on TRAX. I know this kind of sounds silly but I haven't been on TRAX before so why not?

11) Go to a fair. I don't care if its the State our countyfair, I just really want to go.

12)Learn how to make gnocchi. Gnocchi is my all time favorite pasta and I have wanted to learn how to make it forever.

13) Get my eye lashes tinted. I have done this before and I love the way it looks.

14) Design my own fabric. From the moment I heard about Spoonflower I have been wanting to design my own fabric. I am not artistic at all so I might recruit Travis' help.

15) Get a skin cancer screening. I really should have started doing this years ago. I am going to make Travis do this too.

16) Take a photography class. Another thing from last years list that I didn't complete.

17) Plan a trip out of the country.

18) Finish my quilt.

19) Finish decorating Brody's room. Brody's room is basically finished except some small details.

20) Make a quiet book.

21) Read 18 books.

22) Start a "cash only" budget.

23) Ride on the Alpine Slide.

24) Go snow shoeing. I have been dying to do this for years! I just need to make someone go with me.

25) Go hiking. This was on last years list but this year I am not pregnant and I have a new back pack to lug Brody in.

26) Make a cake from scratch. I always make cakes from mixes so I thought I should give this one a try.

27) Go off carbonation for 6 months. This really shouldn't be too hard for me. I am more of a water or lemonade girl anyways.

28) Donate/sell/throw away at least 5 things a month. I need to do some major de-junking and hopefully this will help me.

29) Start next years list.


  1. Great list! #26 and #20 and #26 are on my list of to-do's also. #10 is funny and random. I think pregnancy screwed up my vision too, but I'm too much of a wuss about eyes, that I'll never go to the doctor!


    You should get your eyes checked. Pregnancy DOES screw with your vision. Trust me, I know.

    Ride on TRAX. It's fun and the cheapest way to get to Gateway if you do it right. Park in the free fare zone!

    Great list. Keep us updated!

  3. sounds like a wonderful list - happy birthday to you!! good luck getting your 29 to-do's done!

  4. Happy happy birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Great ideas!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. As of this minute you have 11 minutes left of your birthday and I hope it was such a great day for you! Hope we can get together soon, I'd love to have a playdate at a pool or the ya

  7. Happy Birthday! I found your site randomly and think you are wonderful. Such a great list... so many of those things would be on my own list should I ever actually decide to write it down. :)
    Hope you have a great birthday!!

  8. This was a great idea what you did listing things. :) I should do this on my birthday. I will be 28years old in December. Thanks for the idea!!(and happy belated birthday.)
    Good Luck with your list!

  9. Just looking at your list again. How many have you done? And how many that are left should we plan to do together? Let's get planning!


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