Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The International Spy Museum

I really want to go to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC. The museum is the only public spy museum in the United States. There you can learn about the history of espionage, how spies are recruited and trained and anything else (non classified) spy related. There you can see real spy artifacts such as shoe phones, miniature cameras, lipstick pistols etc...

They even have a gift shop that sells cool things like this spy wrist camera.


  1. Were you not totally fascinated? I left wishing I was a spy, or at least knew someone that was...

  2. its not amazing but it is fun. i think it may be more interesting for kiddos. unless you do the operation spy thing too. i heard that was cool!

    brody is so big! and cute!! yay!!

  3. hey, i've been there! it wasn't my absolute favorite museum in d.c. (and it was crazy crowded for some reason) but it was pretty cool.


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