Friday, May 15, 2009

Sick Brody

I have officially made it through my first throw up experience with Brody. I have to say I handled it way better than I thought I would. Normally smelling throw up makes me want to puke but I dealt with it. Travis was not at home when it happened so I had to deal with most of it myself. I did call him to come home though.

I am so glad I have a husband to help!

Poor Brody had a rough day yesterday! He had his shots, had an eye infection and then the throw up. He didn't even cry when he got sick, he just whimpered. I snuggled him up in my arms after cleaning him up and he just sat there and stared at me. Poor guy!

He is already back to his usual happy self though.

6 month stats

17.6 lbs 48%

26.75 inches 57%


  1. Poor sick boy!! I hope Brody is feeling better!! I deal very well with throw up!! You can always call me to come clean it up! Al can't handle puke in anyway so I've gotten lots of practice recently!

  2. Yikes! Poor little guy. Poor mom too! That is definitely no fun. Travis is awesome to come home and help out. What a guy.


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