Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Am

Reading: Anna Karenina. Yes I am still reading this book. I have less then 300 pages left but its a slow process.
Watching: Recent movies I have watched include Penelope, Boy A, Becoming Jane, Taken, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Valkyrie.
Listening: To The Beatles or just me singing twist and shout to Brody.
Cooking: I am dying to make cornbread and I am sure I will make it before the weekend.
Looking forward to: My four year wedding anniversary. The last few years we have been in Newport during our anniversary. This year I should get us a small white ganache cake to celebrate. That's the kind of cake we had at our wedding, it was the best cake ever!


  1. Oh now I feel guilty. I stopped about 100 pages from the end of Anna Karenina. It's not exactly a page turner. I'm going to have to go back and finish it one of these days. Maybe when you finish, you should post and tell me if the last 100 pages are worth it!

  2. I am impressed you have persisted through Anna Karenina. Way to go! That deserves an A+ in english for you. Happy anniversary! How did you like Benjamin Button? I am looking forward to The Time Travelers Wife that comes out in August. I loved that book!

  3. Twist and Shout? When did you start calling it by the title? I could swear that you have always called it "Shake it up baby". By the way, I hope you don't have actions that go with that song when you are singing it to Brody... too much "shake it up baby" isn't a good thing

  4. Todd,
    I usually don't call it twist and shout, infact I forgot the name and had to look up.


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