Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am

Reading- My old journals. Pretty fun if you ask me.
I am also reading A Girl Named Zippy.

Watching- We have been watching Shrek (all of them) like crazy at my house. It's one of the few shows that Sir Brody likes. It's a good thing Shrek is so funny!

Listening- To Brody grunting as he scoots across the floor . I guess army crawling takes a lot of effort.

Cooking- I have been in a cooking mood lately, I have even tried a few new recipes. Trav has taught me how to make some yummy ribs. Ribs are super easy to make, I will show you how soon.

Looking forward to- Travis taking some time off of work, hopefully it will be soon. I am also looking forward to finishing up my front yard. We (I mean Travis) put grass in and now we just need to add a few pavers to finish it off.


  1. I LOVE going through my old journals! It's so amazing to watch the growth, be reminded of the makes me so thankful that I have them!

  2. lol luv the shrek and scoots around the floor too funny

  3. Ohhhhhh, maybe I should introduce my little dude to Shrek! I could stand that being on for hours I think. : )

  4. I cringe when I read my old journals. Love it.


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