Friday, August 14, 2009

A Peek Into My Family Part 4

Some random tidbits about my siblings, from oldest to youngest.

Brad- Makes awesome lasagna. I think he learned how to make it while on his mission in Italy.

Brian- Took me to a trapper's games when I was little. He taught me the song Heidi Heidi Ho.

Jim- Introduced me to hyper color. He brought over a hyper color t shirt and I swore it was the coolest things ever!

Julie- Use to take us kids swimming at her mother in law's house. She taught us how to make waves with kick boards.

Susie- Taught me some of her DG Sorority songs, which I loved to sing. "My name is heartless Hanna I 'm a Delta Gamma and I 'm the hottest baby in town. When it comes to lovin' I'm a human oven and I really burn 'em down". I will stop there.

Todd- Rocks at the Kevin Bacon game. It has been awhile since I have challenged him, I will have to think up some good ones to try and stump him.

Laurie- She kept a diary in her hope chest when she was younger, we use to break in and read about her crushes.

Brent- He was the quarter back on his high school football team. We use to go to every game. I am pretty sure my mom got in a fight with one of the cheerleaders.

John- Would make cinnamon flavored toothpicks and sell them. What an entrepreneur.

Mary- When Mary and I would fight I would put on my church shoes and kick her in the shins, it was the only way I could defend myself against her.

Me- I'm the baby of the family. The best place to be!

On a side note how cool are some of the clothes in our family picture? I count 3 sailor dresses (I am wearing the light blue sailor dress), 1 women's tie, 2 pairs of argyle socks, 1 seersucker suit, 2 pairs of white knee high socks, 1 Lacoste sweater and 1 mullet (I'm talking about you Mary).

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  1. A couple of other things to note about the photo:
    ~Mom's awesome specator shoes
    ~John and Todd's pant's are the same material as Brad's suit
    ~Mary's dress is probably unzipped in the back - so she wouldn't get too hot!
    ~Jim's entire outfit from Bud's Dud's for Men.
    ~John's polo under his sweater is also Lacoste - that's all he'd wear.
    ~All kids fashions purchased at The Strawberry Patch.
    ~I used to sneak Brian's sweater vest from his closet and wear it to school.

  2. Wow - how lucky to be part of such a big family! i remember those hyper colour T shirts - they were big in Australia too.

  3. So nice to get to know something about your family! Looks like a great one.

    Just dropping by from SITS to wish you Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  4. Quite a family. I'm the baby of seven; I say they saved the best for last!

    just stopping by to say hi from SITS; hope you'll do the same.

  5. you missed a word in Brent's section (mom) It makes it funnier with it in there.

    Also, Mary's hair was not a mullet. It was called a bi-level and was very popular. Come on it was the eighties!


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