Monday, September 28, 2009

TV Show Quiz

Can you name the old tv show?








  1. 1. My Two Dads
    2. Who's the Boss
    3. Mr Belvedere
    4. ???
    5. Boy Meets World
    6. I don't have a clue!

  2. Lol I so know these shows, I'm drawing a blank on some of the names but I remember watching almost all of them.

    1) My two Dads

    2) Who could forget the Mascellis. I can't remember the name of the show, but he was their house keeper. grrr my bad memory.

    3) this one i think is too old for me. I have no idea.

    4) Is the girl who could freeze time and stuff. Was she the robot? I remember this show, another I can't think of the name.

    5) Oh I loved Topanga. Boy Meets World!!

    6) i don't know this show.

    Oh this was fun!! Do more, do more!!

  3. How fun! What a flashback!
    1. My Two Dads (I had the biggest crush on the one with a beard - not sure why now...)

    2. Who's the boss ("ay-oh; oh-ay")

    3. Mr. Belvedere!

    4. Is this a Small Wonder? Not sure...

    5. Boy Meets World

    6. Not sure the show - but I know that gal is Leah Remini who was Zack's girlfriend for a while on Saved by the Bell, and now plays Carrie on King of Queens!

    This was fun! :)

  4. 4. Out of this World

    i'd totally forgotten about some of these.

  5. 1. My Two Dads
    2. Who's the Boss?
    3. Mr Belvedere
    4. Not sure... Small Wonders?
    5. Boy Meets World
    6. Living Dolls
    (I can't believe I knew this... but it is a spin-off of Who's the Boss...) And that is Halle Berry and Leah Remini in that show

  6. Answers
    1.My Two Dads
    2.Who's the Boss
    3.Mr Belvedere
    4.Out of this World
    5.Boy Meets World
    6.Living Dolls

  7. 1. My Two Dads
    2. Who's The Boss
    3. Mr. Belvedere
    4. Out of This World
    5. Boy Meets World
    6. Living Dolls.

    Fun trivia! I'm always a sucker for 80's stuff. Thanks!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Jenn @


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