Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookie Mix

Travis and I made a bunch of these cookie mixes for a family party last week.
I got the recipe from Bakerella. The recipe is for cowboy cookies.

Of course we opted for red and green M&Ms for Christmas.

Here is a little hint, if you are planning on making these. Make sure to pack everything in as tight as possible. I used the back side of a small measuring cup.


  1. I've always thought those look so cool. I've never received one or made one. Maybe this is the year!

  2. Wendy made them on Sunday afternoon and we promptly gobbled them all up!

  3. Wow! super cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Good idea Ms. Dee Dee!
    My mom always used to do this when she'd give gifts to our grade school teachers.

    I'm planning on making some chex mix and giving that away this year...isn't giving food one of the greatest go-to Christmas ideas!


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